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New event - 2nd year

The Central Florida Woodcarver's Roundup - Arcadia, FL

Classes starting on
Monday February 6 thru Thursday February 9, 2017.

Sponsored by the Peace River Woodcarvers Club
Held at the Turner Agri-Civic Center,
2250 NE Roan Street, Arcadia, FL 34266

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Class descriptions for 2017 are ready - check out 2017 Classes here

General Information

The Central Florida Woodcarvers Roundup is sponsored by the Peace River Woodcarvers Club and is being held in the Exhibit Hall of the Turner Agri-Civic Center in Arcadia, FL

The Turner Center is located at 2250 NE Roan Street, Arcadia, FL 34266. To view their web site click here.

Jim O'Dea will be communicating to you via this web site and the YAHOO Group newsletter about the CFWR as the information becomes available. There is no "central" pre-registration for this Roundup. Each instructor decided for themselves to accept and track pre-registrations for their own class or not accept pre-registrations. If they accept pre-registrations their class descriptions indicates that and gives an email or phone # to do so. Jim will have no information on Pre-registration except to post on the web site which classes will have pre-registration and update those class as "FULL" or "Canceled" on the web site when notified by the instructor. Any questions/comments about the specific class content or pre-registration please address them to the instructor directly. Personnel at the Turner Center will not be able to answer ANY questions about the event as they are NOT involved other than renting the facility to the Peace River Woodcarvers Club.

This event will be using the smaller building called the "Exhibit Hall" - see pictures here. This is NOT the "Arena" where the woodcarving show is held. It is the smaller building which is heated and air-conditioned at all times and has very good lighting, with banquet tables and chairs for 100+ carvers. If you have a particularly comfortable chair or cushion you are invited to bring it along. No evening activities are planned for this 1st year of the event. Any evening activities that may come up will be announced at the start of the Roundup Monday morning.

The Turner Center will open the doors at 7:30 for students on Monday and classes will start at 8:30. The instructors will need time to set up their displays so please give them time to do so before engaging them in conversation. On subsequent days the doors will also open at 07:30 am and class will start at 0:830. Everyone will be asked to leave the hall by 5pm and the doors will be locked for the night. You may leave whatever you want to in the hall at your own risk. Although the hall will be locked until 7:30am the next morning there will be NO other security for your "stuff".

For lunch it is anticipated that sandwich plates with soup or chips and drinks will be available for purchase. More info on lunches will be posted here a few weeks before the Roundup starts. You may bring your own lunch if you prefer.

Pre-registration will start for CFWR 2017 about 1 Dec 2016.

Those instructors that want to have pre-registration for their class have indicated that in their class description and provided their email address or phone #. You can send them an email or phone them requesting a spot in their class. They may or may not want to have you send a check for the instructional fee to them to reserve that spot, but if they do, they will notify you after you request a spot in the class. Many classes will have empty spots if you walk in put a few may fill up in advance.

The $8 a day facility fee will be collected directly from all students each day at your seat about 10am by a member of the Peace River Woodcarvers Club.

Hotels - If Jim finds a good deal for a "Woodcarvers Group Rate" at a Arcadia hotel, he will send out an email via the yahoo group newsletter as soon as possible. In mean time make a reservation somewhere that has a liberal cancellation policy. Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, Lake Placid, FL are all about 1 hour or less away and have many hotels.

RV parking is available on the grounds of the Turner Center - rate in 2015 was about $27 with water and electric hookup - call the Turner center directly for a RV spot reservation: 863-993-4807
Another RV place I have heard about is Little Willies and they look to be in the $33+ range. Ask about showers and activities such as bingo, shuffle board, cards and bean bag baseball. Distance to Turner Center is approximately 5 miles. See their web site here
If you find a park is full or find a park with open spaces, let Jim know sohe can add that info to this web site - email [email protected]

Let Jim know your favorite Restaurant in the area and he will post it here:

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