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2018 Central Florida Roundup Class Descriptions

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Class reservation information is indicated in each individual class description. Be sure to reserve your spot so instructors have an idea how many blanks/roughout to bring. Those instructors coming from a long distance also need assurance they will have students. Check back the week before the roundup to see any cancellations or signup for the newsletter (top of page) to be notified.

Dave Dion- Carving On The Curve (carving with curved center lines), One day classes on all 4 days.

Dave is accepting pre-registrations- [email protected] or by phone at 570-778-0673 to save you a class spot or answer any questions.

Dave is a resident of Saylorsburg, PA where he lives with his wife, Mary. He has been woodcarving since 1973. Dave is a professional woodcarver, artist, muralist and Sign maker. He carves in many styles incorporating his extensive art training/skills into each carving project. He has taught woodcarving for over 27 years. He placed 2nd and 4th in the 2017 CCA National Competition. He now teaches woodcarving at FabLab in Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA. Dave was an active member of The Northern NJ Woodcarvers Club in the 80’s and 90’s. He is now an active member of The Cherry Valley Woodcarvers Club (Honesdale, PA) and the Lehigh Valley Chippers Carving Club (Allentown, PA).

‘Carving on The Curve’ will take the class participant through each one day class’ project through the steps needed to carve with curved center lines. The skill will immediately produce dramatic results in any of your future carving projects. Day 1 will be a human bust caricature project; Day 2 will be a full human figure project; Day 3 will be an animal caricature; Day 4 will be a human bust caricature project(repeat of Day 1 class).

Instructional Fee a per day is $25 (includes class and Blank and handout). Extra Class Blanks will be available for purchase.

Tools needed will be knives, gouges (Micro/Palm/Intermediate), pencil and gloves. Disabled attendee’s are requested to advise Dave at the beginning of your class.

Jim Finney - carving a Cowboy Pistol in Deep Relief One day classes on all 4 days. Jim is accepting pre-registrations - email [email protected]

This class takes experienced carvers 2 days to complete, novice 3 days. Start on any day you want and take as many days as you need. If you desire to paint that will be done on Thursday only. Instructional fee is $20/day plus cost of the blank which is still TBD but about $15. The Blank will be a piece of Basswood with bark on 2 edges. Hand tools will be used. All skill levels welcome.

Jim Finney is a Wood Carving Instructor in Michigan. He has taught at the Woodcarvers Roundup in Evert, and at the Michigan Woodcarvers Seminar in Midland. Jim is a graduate of the Kendall School of Art and Design and of Ferris State University. He has worked as an Advertising Agency Artist and as an Art Director. He also headed a Television Art Department for 13 years. He is a retired Technical Education instructor teaching adults and teens Graphic Art. He has a teaching degree. As a hobby, he was a Fine Art Painter for 20 years doing Art Fairs and Galleries selling paintings and prints. He competed in the Michigan Duck and Trout stamp completion finishing in the top 10 consistently. Jim belongs to the Peace River Woodcarvers, and Pioneer Creek Woodcarvers in Florida. In Michigan the Grand Valley Woodcarvers, and the Michigan Woodcarvers Association.

Chris O'Dea - Carving and painting Quilt Patterns in Wood One day classes on Monday, Feb 19th and Wedensday Feb 21st. It is a one day class which includes painting. Cost is $20.00 which includes the Christmas stocking blank and paint. You need just a knife, Chris provides the paint and brushes. If you have a woodburner bring it. Once you learn the method, you can "Quilt" anything.

Chris will be teachung her method of carving and painting Quilt Patterns on Wood projects. She will use a Christmas stocking as the project in this class as it can be done in one day - picture here. However the technique can be applied to a range of projects including the robed Santa pictured on right: Click on any image for a larger view

Floyd Rhadigan - Caricatures. One day classes on all 4 days Floyd has 44 years experience woodcarving and teaching for 39. Floyd lives and works full time as a woodcarver in Clinton, MI where he has a studio and store that is in a old bank built in 1873. He also travels around the U.S. teaching caricature carving. Floyd offers numerous blanks from which the student can pick and Floyd will provide guidance.

Floyd is NOT accepting pre-registrations - First come first served each day of the Roundup

Floyd is the CCA Past President and has won numerous awards including the CCA Special Award in Dayton Ohio and a first place ribbon at the 2004 National CCA Competition. He teaches woodcarving classes all around the country including Michigan Woodcarving Seminars, Oscoda; Creative Woodcarving Seminar, Cadillac, MI in June each year; Woodcarvers Roundup, Evart, MI June each year; and NorthEast Woodcarvers Roundup, Honesdale, PA July each year. Floyd will be teaching every day of the roundup.

Instructional Fee is $30 FOR A FULL DAY + BLANK COST. He has many blanks available which range in price from $8 TO $35. Generally 1 or 2 projects can be completed in a day. Floyd uses knives and palm gouges. Floyd will discuss his painting techniques and if there is time will do a painting demo one day. He uses watered down acrylic paints. Floyd has been featured on the covers of all three major woodcarving magazines and took Best of Show, First and Second at the 2006 Caricature Carvers of America Show held at Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TN. Contact Floyd at [email protected] See several of his other carvings at his website here.

Leah Goddard - Realistic Animals and more - One day classes on all 4 days.

Email Leah at [email protected] with questions and to reserv a spot in the class

Carve a realistic animal of choice. New this year is a mouse and house cat. Students can also choose from a variety of animals including a raccoon, rabbit, squirrel, bear, mouse, beaver, whimsical book worm, "Kitten in a Mitten" ornament and a "Mouse in a Sock" Ornament and a Puppy and a Opossum . Using simple hand tools and a wood burner, students begin from a basswood rough-out learning the techniques used to create all realistic mammals or caricature. Close attention will be paid to detail, texturing and anatomy. Students are welcome to begin a project in one day to get a fundamental knowledge of the project and stay multiple days for further completion. Painting will be on the last day only and limited to two project choices cat or mouse.

Instructional Cost: $40 per day Rough-outs: $12.00-$35.00

click image for a larger view click for larger image click for larger image

Leah lives in TN and is a professional artist, author, and teacher. She has contributed to both Wood carving illustrated and Chip Chat magazines, and has authored her own book Carving Natures Rascals: Carving an Armadillo,Skunk,Mouse and Raccoon Leah has taught wood carving for over ten years.

Chris Howard - Spirit Faces in Cottonwood Bark. One day classes offered on all 4 days.

Chris is accepting pre-registrations - email Chris at [email protected] or better to call Chris at 423-237-2534 to save you a spot in the class

Chris will offer a unique selection of Spirit face projects in Cottonwood and will take his students step by step through the process of carving these spirit faces using hand tools. Various Basswood rough-outs will also be available for Chris' class. Chris will discuss basic anatomy of facial structure in simple to understand terms and methods.

Instructional fee is $40 per day plus blanks ranging from $10 - $55

Clancy Smith - Deep Relief Hand tools only will be used for all carvings. Blank costs will vary due to thickness. Deep relief carvings probably will not be completed in one day, but all essential information needed will be acquired to complete the carving outside the class. Cost is 35.00 the first day plus the cost of blank, pattern will be included. If you return the second day or more, the instruction cost is 10.00 per day. Your choice of pattern to carve depends on your carving experience and or time to spend on the carving. If you have a carving you want to complete, or something you want to do in place of what I offer, feel free to bring it and I'll help all I can.

Clancy is accepting pre-registrations to and including 15 February 2018 - contact him at [email protected] or phone at 321-230-5540(cell) If this class fills up before 23 January, this class description will indicate that. Please contact Clancy directly with which project you want to do as he will have to make the blank specifically for you.

Carving Projects offered this year are not yet available but last year included these:

Clancy has been carving full time since retiring in 1991 and has taught at the round up the past few years, as well as at various carving clubs around Florida. He also participates in carving shows and has won numerous awards. Clancy is available and can be contacted by email at [email protected] or phone at 321.320.5540(cell).

Jim O'Dea - Caving faces and other projects" Jim is teaching all 4 days.

Jim is accepting pre-registrations to and including 19 Feburary 2018 - contact him at [email protected] If this class fills up before 31 January, this class description will indicate that.

Monday and Tuesday - Chose from the 25 various blanks Jim has and he will help you as needed. This is a 1 day class, come back multiple days if you want to. This is NOT step by step so arrive anytime and select from the 28 inch wide Bellamy Eagles, face silhouettes, ornaments, etc. Instructional Fee is $20 per day for this class. Blanks for the Bellamy Eagle are $25 Basswood or Butternut, many smaller projects from $2 to$25

click image for larger view. click image for larger view
Wednesday and Thursday We will be carving the Human Face Study Stick - take one day or both days - Wednesday will be the basic face with open mouth, teeth and tongue, eye sockets but no eyes. Thursday is eyes in the morning and ears in the afternoon.

This class is an introduction to face carving for the beginning woodcarver with little or no experience doing human faces. It is also useful to those that are not satisfied with the faces they are currently doing and those just looking for a different way. Students will have the opportunity to follow a methodology in developing a human face using just a knife. But, if you have gouges bring them ALL. Jim will show you where they can work better or faster The emphasis of the study stick class days will be on the process, not the artistic nature of the carving. Jim does not cover very much about expression, gender differences, racial differences or anything else during this time, he is trying to get the student to carve a face that looks human, practice and application can then develop the artistic nature of your carving. Attention will be paid to how you use the tools to get "clean" cuts, precise cuts, and how not to cut yourself.

Each student will carve there own step by step study stick, with each step numbered, which will lead them through the process of "blocking" out a human face on the corner of a 1 1/8 inch square block about 12 inches long. Jim spreads the steps out and includes as many steps as possible to provide clarity of the step. He uses 2 of these sticks to block out the face - completing the nose and an open mouth with teeth & tongue. You will also do eyes, step by step on another stick. Ears are done on a smaller stick especially prepared for doing ears. Four different sticks in all.

Jim O'Dea lives in Rotonda West, FL. Jim has 42 years experience carving human caricatures, carousel horses, realistic freshwater fish, and whales. He has taught woodcarving for 21 years, including the Lake Placid NY Woodcarving Experience, evening courses at Ledyard High School, Ledyard CT, weekend classes at the New England Carousel Museum in Mystic, CT; the New England Woodcarvers Retreat held in Rhode Island; the NorthEast Woodcarvers Roundup in Honesdale,PA, The Michigan Woodcarvers Roundup at Evart, MI, the Indiana Woodcarvers Summer Camp, The Buckeye Woodcvarvers Roundup in Ohio, and numerous classes for the Mystic Carvers Club in Mystic, CT, Rainbow Woodcarvers Club in Niagara Falls, NY; the Southtowns Woodcarvers Club in Elma, NY; the Peace River Carvers Club in Arcadia, FL; the Myakka River Carvers Club in El Jobean, Fl, and the North Port Woodcarvers in Northport, FL; the Charlotte County Woodcarvers in Punta Gorda and the woodcarvers in Sun City, FL; Newport Richy, Fl and Morristown, NY. Contact Jim at [email protected] with questions.


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